Soaps with Blessing

BLESSINGS are exotic healing soaps designed and hand-crafted with love. They are made using purest vegetable oils, butters, essential oils and empowered herbs. Each soap has the ash of powerful agnihotra and is infused with the positive energy of mantras. The soaps are molded by a Healer-Artist with the highest intention of peace, protection, love, grace, and abundance. Each one is a piece of Art , no two soaps are alike, they look and feel different. The one that comes to you hence, is so specially meant for you !

Soaps with Blessing



Handmade soaps are rich in energy content; they have 'life' in them because of the human touch. Artificial fragrances used in commercial soaps may smell stronger but have no healing qualities. The chemicals stay on the skin and have no nurturing properties. Handmade BLESSINGS soaps on the other hand, have empowered herbs and oils in them. The aroma of these is intensely felt and absorbed by the senses and the body; they therefore are very healing in nature. The body may not smell of these after a bath because the aroma and energy is all absorbed!

BLESSINGS soaps are handcrafted by healing hands. The herbs and oil in them is energized by the Artist. These are not ordinary soaps; they are empowered soaps that shower you with a blessing.

The Artist makes small batches of soaps herself. There is no mass production, the idea is to create with love and infuse in them as many blessings as possible. Each month, new beauties are created in limited numbers. The older designs are then made available either as a pack of limited numbers with a free shipping offer, or any higher numbers on special order can be made. The earlier creations with pictures is seen in the SOAPS category, marked as "few pcs left"